Novels by Dr. Blinzler:
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Love Across Time

Love Across Time is a mixture of adventure, romance, and a
little science fiction. It shows that love has no bounds—not even
time. There are two stories going on simultaneously, Frank and
his friend, George, in the future and Sue and her friend,
Rebecca, in the present. Frank buys an ancient computer and
discovers he can send and receive email from the past to the
previous owner, Sue. Sue becomes Frank’s email pen pal
disbelieving his claim to be from her future. Love gradually
unfolds between them. The girls fly to the Caribbean for a
vacation where Sue is accused and framed for murder. While
in jail, she meets a mysterious Native American who appears
later in the story in both time frames. More adventure and
troubles follow in each time. Love has bridged the gap of time,
but will it tear them apart or bring them together?

The Architect: From Mistaken Identity to Adventure

The Architect: From Mistaken Identity to Adventure is about an
architect who, on his first vacation in a long time is mistaken
(or is he) for someone else. This leads him to meet a couple of
C.I. A. agents, as well as rogue C.I.A. agents, South American
rebels and a small Indian child. His travels take him to Caribbean
islands and South America in an adventure and treasure hunts,
finding unbelievable wealth of riches, friendship and romance.

The Mysterious Dream Catcher and Mystical Amulets

This is an adventure/romance novel for young adults and adults alike. High School Senior, Phillip Bradley and his family take a family vacation to Bryce Canyon where he is given a mysterious Native American dream catcher, which transports him to the past while sleeping. While in Bryce, Phillip’s father, after touching a cryptic talisman embedded in a cave wall, eventually becomes transported and trapped in the past. Phillip meets a girl, Jenny, who also disappears to the past. Phillip has a mystery figuring out how to save his father and his new friend. With the help of Ethan, an acquaintance Phillip meets while time traveling in his sleep, they look for a mystical amulet, a necessary item in his quest.